Speaking Services

Hello, I’m Rachel Wade. I’m a professional public speaker here in Southern California, available for speaking engagements related to Education, Business, and Motivation. I have spoken to many Woman Groups, Rotary functions, Kiwanis and Higher Education Institutions. With my background in Psychology and MBA I have a variety of experiences to which I can draw from to customize a speech for the target audience within your organization.

Business – I have a vast array of experiences to draw from when working in various occupations related to Banking/Financial, Real Estate, Mortgage and Management functions in these areas.  I can easily adapt and learn the type of business you are in and can speak to your company or for your company as a spokesperson or for PR work when needed.  I don’t necessarily need to know all aspect of your business as I know how to many people and priorities.  Book Rachel Now.

Music – As a previous vocal performer and accomplished piano player I know the business very well and have been involve in governing a local symphony in the recent years.  So if you want a speaker with a musical and vocal background then contact me to schedule a time.

Education – I have an extensive experience in not only speaking about this subject related to my own experiences but I also consult and am the spokesperson for a local College Foundation.  I usually prefer to speak to adults on the topic of their childrens education or to college level students on just about any subject that you would like me to discuss.  Let’s get started on your next Education Speech for your organization, book me ahead of time for an opening.

Woman’s Groups – Significant life experiences have trained me well to speak to Woman’s Groups on a variety of topics such as Divorce, Personal Satisfaction, Woman in Business, Getting Ahead in Life, Abuse, and other related topics.  Schedule me now for a time to speak at your next meeting.

Motivational Speaking – Over the years I have been told countless times that my speaches are very motivating and the person feels like they can just about accomplish anything.  Let’s talk about what you are looking for in a Speaker.

Physics and the Mind – I’m sure many of you have heard of the The Secret or What the Bleep – Down the Rabbit Hole, as these are topics related on how the mind is a very powerful tool that can be used to improve  a person’s life and help a person accomplish what they want out of life.   I have a significant background in the sciences and understand the views of Quantum Physics and how it integrates with the mind, so let’s talk about how you would like me to tailor this topic to the needs of your organization.

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