About Rachel

About Me:

I help individuals and businesses who have lost their way and feel a lack of production in life. I help them find motivation and create the life or career they want.

If you want to reach the road to fulfillment my coaching/speaking is designed for you.

I am the leading authority and expert in transitional life coaching with over 10 years experience in corporation and nonprofits. I have the tools, expertise and passion to help you, my client, to create, design, set forth and achieve the goals you want in life.  I will help you face tough personal choices. Together we will develop, inspire, and be practical in putting forth a strategic life plan that you can and will follow to have a fulfilled, productive, and happy life.

I coach women and men who want more from life and are ready to take the steps to get it. As a result of our team work and collaboration you, my client, will create a strong future plan that you will be excited to follow, set clear reachable goals to keep your motivation, develop mind mastery to eliminate mental barriers and inner personal obstacles, so you can live in your inner genus.


What I Guarantee:

– You feel understood and heard

– You will see more option in life and business then prior to working together

– You will find it easier to make decisions

– You will have a plan for your future to allow you to have the best of life


My Credentials:

– 10+ years of Corporate and Nonprofit executive experience, Executive Leadership, Operations Management, Leadership Development, Project Management, and Executive Coaching.

– Master’s Degree in Global Business from the University of Redlands

– Batchelor’s of Art in Behavioral Psychology with extra studies in how Therapy and how music affects the brain. University of Redlands

– Bachelor’s of Art in Music – Vocal performance University of Redlands

– YB12 Master Coach

– Certified POP Coach

– Ability to quickly and accurately assess situations and individuals, identify common goals, inspire and motivate people to achieve more, create better habits and behaviors.


More About Rachel:

Hello and thank you for visiting.

I’m Rachel Wade, born and raised here in Southern California.  I come from a family of teachers where education is an important part of a person’s life, and which is where my coaching and speaking career began at an early age.  My mother was a music instructor and thus I ended up being a vocal performer and theatre performer while growing up.

I am a YB12 Master Coach and POP Certified Professional Coach with a B.A. in Psychology, B.A. in Music and a MBA in Global Business. My greatest passion is to inspire others to live their Dreams just as I have chosen to live mine. My life has become amazing since I decided to step off the platform of doing what others thought best for me and jumped onto my train of dreams and ambitions. The best thing of all is that I get to help you jump on your train of Dreams and live your life with all the passion you have inside! I gt to help the world see you at your true greatness. I coach through a deep understanding of the power within ourselves and teach you to use your true essence and potential. Your life to has unlimited possibilities and I want to help you make your dreams and careers come true and a life you will love.

Your journey is just about to begin. You have an abundance of resources all around you and within. I will show you how to find and use them.

I have been in business for over 10 years, creating, leading, speaking, and inspiring others to live their lives with purpose, passion and fulfillment. Before I was a coach I worked for Fortune 500 corporations to small non-profit changing the course of the organization for the better. While working I discovered I was coaching my clients, employees, board members and company as a whole. From that moment on I chose to serve companies and individuals like yourself to help dreams and passion come true. I believe everyone should be happy in their life including career, family, and friends. I took action to study some of the best known coaches in the profession such as Marta Beck, Danielle La Porte, John Maxwell, Michael Beckwith, Louise L. Hay and Janet Grace Nelson. I also study neurology and physics to help my clients not only understand what concept they are learn but also what is happening neurologically to them while the applications are taking place. I use a very holistic approach. I have devoted the rest of my life helping others create a plan for themselves so they can live truly happy lives. I my clients reach their greatest potential. Together we transform their lives and tap into their inner genius.

I look for to helping you and your organization succeed, so please contact me to find out how we can do so.

Rachel Wade Educational Speaker
Rachel Wade, BA/MBA, Professional Speaker/Orator